Alternative Licensure

Six Steps that need completed to enter Colorado's Alternative Licensure Program

      1. Contact the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) website for an application and instructions for Alternative Licensure Programs.

      2. Copy the CDE fingerprint form and take it to your local law enforcement agency to fill out.

      3. Fill out the application form and send it along with your fingerprint form and copies of all your transcripts from you colleges or universities.

      4. You now contact schools and districts letting them know you are interested in an ALP teaching position. Be sure to inform the SEBOCES of your situation as a person interested in an ALP teaching assignment.

      5. When you secure an offer of employment, have the principal or superintendent contact the SEBOCES to obtain the form entitled "Statement of Assurance of Employment" and instructions as to how the school district needs to proceed. Once they fill out the form, the school district must send this form to the SEBOCES along with a copy of your contract and a copy of your Statement of Eligibility. (You need to work out arrangements with your district and the SEBOCES as to how you will pay the fee to the SEBOCES in order to participate in this program.)

      6. SEBOCES officials will sign and send to CDE the forms received from the school district. If everything is in order, you will receive directly from CDE your Alternative License. Be sure and send a copy of this license to the SEBOCES. You will then be notified of the name of the BOCES ALP Director who will contact you and assist you through the year's program. A three-member "Support Team" will also be assigned to help you, (your principal, a mentor teacher, and a university representative). At the conclusion of the school year, it is this team that will evaluate your activities during the year and consider recommending you to CDE for a three-year initial teacher's license.

Contact Information:

Loraine Saffer - Programs Coordiantor

719-336-9046 ex. 120

The Colorado Alternative Teaching Licensure program is developed and operated by school districts, independent schools, BOCES, institutions of higher education, or a combination of these groups. Those that have received state board approval to provide the Alternative Teacher Program are called Designated Agencies. Southeastern BOCES is such an agency.