Child Find

Child Find is a process of identifying students (birth to 21 years of age) who are at risk of or have special needs which may affect their potential to learn successfully.

Our Child Find efforts are committed to supporting children and families in their learning. We are not about labeling students. Supporting students requires identifying strengths and weaknesses and developing programs and supports to meet individual learning needs.

Child Find can be a screening. Our young children can receive developmental, speech, hearing and health screenings at our local community screenings. The dates and contacts for these are listed on our calendar. These are a good time for parents to receive information about their child and discuss any individual developmental concerns with professionals.

Individual screenings may also be arranged at any time during the year. Older children may be referred to the appropriate staff in their district or ma be seen by BOCES personnel.

If your student is age 0 - 21 and you are concerned about learning problems you may call or email:

Southeastern BOCES Child Find Coordinator

Diana Dooley

Early Childhood Special Educator

719-336-9046 ex 140

Referrals please contact Ariana Perales

719-336-9046 ext. 125